New ARTFOOLY Gallery Opens in the Heart of Bucharest

10655356_311249552410577_1840382952286637138_o On Wednesday, 08/10/2014, Artfooly Gallery opened its doors in downtown Bucharest to well attended group of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts. Artfooly, The Slice of Art is located in the ground floor Ştirbei Palace on Calea Victoriei no. 107. The inaugural exhibition titled “TANGO DIAGONAL au chocolat”, presents the work of artists Arina Gheorghita (painting) and Cristian Orza (sculpture). Artfooly aims to promote Romanian artists nationally and internationally. The gallery presents an inviting and accessible atmosphere where new and seasoned collectors can discover young an upcoming artists as well established artists.

Artfooly, The Slice of Ar project was born out of love for art and the desire to give the public a gallery where they can find great pleasure and curiosity. Gallery founder Anca Negescu comes from a business background and has the vision to promote Romanian contemporary art at the highest standard. Besides being a business women, Anca’s art expertise derives from art history and arts management in Bucharest and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. In its first inaugural exhibition, the gallery proposes a long-term commitment to the contemporary art scene and places itself in the forefront of a new international wave of emerging galleries with an inspiring energy and refreshing attitude. Inevitably, the future appears brighter when passion, enthusiasm and business intelligence converge on behalf of the arts.

Visual Art Today

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