InJung Oh’s Volossom: First Decade at Zhou B Art Center


October 16, 2015, the 11th anniversary of the Zhou B Art Center, Injung Oh’s solo show opens at 7:00 PM in the Exhibition Space on the 2nd floor.

Based on Oh’s personal life stories, experiences, observations, hopes and dreams, Volossom: First Decade at the Zhou B Art Center, sets the stage for an undisclosed conversation about the clashing of cultural narratives, power struggles, social structures, power roles and the challenge to create balance in a non-perfect world.

As part of Oh’s solo exhibition, the Thousand Wish Project will be an important element in the ongoing development of Volossom as an element of personal expression. Her visionary idea for our FUTURE as a wishful world has transcended from the artist’s studio into the local community. The Thousand Wish Project is an ongoing interactive visual workshop, which encourages participants to explore, articulate and give shape to a latent wish or desire using creative art mediums. The collective and diverse visual wishes will ultimately create a united voice.

Oh’s artistic practice reflects a personal journey of self-discovery. Oh received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 and has had solo exhibitions at Ed Paschke Art Center and Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, MIIT Museum in Turin, Italy and Bluerider Art Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. Reviews of her work have been featured in Italia Arte Magazine, China Times and China Post and her work is in numerous private collections. She is a resident artist of the Zhou B Art Center.


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